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Postnatal Gift Pack 好月子礼品 3

hǎo yuè zǐ lǐ pǐn


Check out our postnatal gift sets any new mama would totally love!

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Postnatal Gift Pack 好月子礼品  3 :

Astragalus Root 北芪片 (黑牙签) x 80g

Chinese Angelica Root (Unsulphured) 无硫当归片 x 100g

Codonopsis Root (Unsulphured) – Medium 纹党参-中 x 100g

Wild Gum Tragacanth 野生雪燕 x 100g

Cordyceps Flower – Premium Grade 金虫草 (特级) x 50g

Golden Dates 金丝蜜枣 x 400g

Round Black Dates – Premium Grade 特级圆黑枣 ( 大 ) x 400g

Red Dates – Extra Big 若羌红枣  (6 钻) – 特大 x 300g




Joy Pocket-1,  premium food containers from EASY & FREE, one of the top names specialized in plastic containers in Korea since 1999.

3ea x 400ml + 3ea x 920ml + 1ea x 1,250ml container

Material: Body-PP , Lid-PE


  1. Bases and Lids are BPA free
  2. Graduation marks make measuring easy
  3. Lid snaps tight to base for a secure seal
  4. Good for organizing any food in fridge
  5. Modular design keeps pantries organized
  6. Clear base to easily see what is stored inside
  7. Rectangular, slim design maximizes shelf space
  8. Container holds kitchen staples like flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, snack, food, cereal, coffee, or tea
  9. Dishwasher Safe
  10. Withstand at the temperature  -20℃ ~ 100℃

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