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Postnatal Gift Pack 好月子礼品 2

hǎo yuè zǐ lǐ pǐn


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Postnatal Gift Pack 好月子礼品  2 :

Bentong Ginger Tea- Traditional Hand Made 手工姜母茶 x 200g x2



UNIKIPS Cube,  premium food containers from EASY & FREE, one of the top names specialized in plastic containers in Korea since 1999.


Material: Body-PP , Lid-PE


  1. BPA Free material
  2. You can stack up the containers with a variety of size and the block  design on the bottom and lid
  3. Slim profile design maximizes refrigerator space and makes it easier for you to carry.
  4. Space Efficient: Stack smartly, side by side, saving space in your pantry
  5. Modular design keeps pantries organized
  6. Clear base to easily see what is stored inside
  7. Perfect for storing cereal, snacks, flour, sugar, and pet food
  8. Microwave, Freezer safe, top rack dishwasher safe
  9. Withstand at the temperature  -20℃ ~ 100℃

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