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CNY Hamper 新春健康礼盒 006

xīn chūn jiàn kāng lǐ hé

配合新春佳节的来临,THINK VALUE 推出了多款新春健康礼盒。恭祝大家在新的一年里身体健康,合家幸福。

THINK VALUE has launched a variety of healthy Chinese New Year hampers. Wish you all be healthy and happy in the new year.

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CNY Hamper 新春健康礼盒 006


1. 海底椰 Sea Coconut x 80g

2. 枸杞王 (特大) Red Wolfberry (Big) x 200g

3. 金虫草 (特级)  Cordyceps Flower x 60g

4. 野生银耳  Wild White Fungus x 100g



免费包装:精美新春祝贺卡,品优礼盒,丝带与纸袋 Free wrapping: Think Value CNY greeting card, gift box, ribbon, paper bag


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