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Chinese Yam (Unsulphured) 无硫淮山

huái shān

Enhance immune system | Improve digestion


健脾养胃,美容养颜 , 控制进食欲望 , 提高机体的免疫力。
Origin: 河北 HEBEI

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淮山的功效与作用:淮山具有健脾、补肺、固肾、益精等多种功效。可以降血脂、调理肠胃,可减少皮下脂肪堆积; 能防止结缔组织的萎缩, 预防类风湿关节炎等胶原病的发生。淮山含有可溶性纤维,帮能助消化、降血糖是糖尿病患者的福音。



Chinese yam is used in Chinese herbal medicine, traditionally to treat disorders related to the stomach, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.
As an herbal treatment, Chinese yam is mainly used to target the stomach and spleen, but also thought to help the lungs and kidneys. It can help treat:
• poor appetite
• chronic diarrhea
• asthma
• dry coughs
• frequent urination
• diabetes

Chinese yam contains allantoin, a natural compound that can accelerate the growth of healthy tissue and reduce healing time. Topically, Chinese yam can be applied to ulcers, boils, and abscesses on the skin for treatment. Its leaf juices can also treat scorpion stings and snakebites.
People with conditions related to the stomach, spleen, kidneys, lungs, or skin may benefit from Chinese yam. In addition to these uses, promoters of the herb claim it can be used as a remedy for many conditions, including:
• hot flashes associated with menopause
• postmenopausal vaginal dryness
• premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• gallbladder problems
• rheumatoid arthritis
• menstrual disorders
• osteoporosis
• fatigue
• digestion disorders
• dry or chronic cough
• asthma

In addition to its potential medicinal properties, Chinese yam is a nutritious food. It primarily consists of water and starch and is a source of:
• vitamin B-1
• vitamin C
• mucilage
• amylase
• amino acids
• glutamine